my name is Moslem29yo and this is my resume/cv

About Me

With an Applied Computer Science engineering background, I have been working as an IAM consultant for over 5 years. I have been working within a team implementing IAM / IAG solutions for some world class clients. I am also a software developer with a long technical experience background. My primary focus is .NET development (with C# mainly) on top of a SQL Server data layer.

Born on December 1987 in Tunisia, I currently live and work in Mannheim, Germany.


  • 1987

    I was born in Testour

    A small and shiny andalous village in the north west Tunisia.

  • 2006

    Secondary school specializing in Technologies

    Graduated by the end of June 2006. Main focus area were Maths, Sciences and Technologies.

  • 2008

    Preparatory Cycle for Engineering Studies

    Consisted of a two years full time intensive courses around Maths, Physics and Mechanics at IPEIEM, ElManar - Tunis.

  • 2011

    Applied Computer Sciences Engineering (MEng)

    After three more years I obtained my MEng diploma in Applied Computer Sciences from the National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia.


Omada GmbH
Since 2014
Senior IAG Consultant
Continued tasks from previous position with focus on Client-Faced assignments.

Based in Mannheim, Germany.
Omada A/S
2011 - 2014
IAM Consultant / .NET Developer
I worked as an IAM/IAG consultant as well as a custom extensions developer. The position includes the following responsibilities:

General Consulting & Project Management:
  • Collect customer needs and design new custom features
  • Project planning and resources/tasks management
  • Conduct testing with client, PoCs and trainings.
  • Frequent on-site visits and workshops.
  • Business workflow implementation using OIS-X (Omada Identity Suite X)
IAG Consulting:
  • Manage large IAM platforms for some world class customers
  • Manage up to 350.000+ identities, 2 Million+ accounts and 40 Million+ entitlements
  • Centralized Identity life cycle management (on-boarding / transfer / off-boarding / ...)
  • Manage accounts and entitlements across systems (SAP, Active Directory, FIM Portal, SharePoint, etc…)
  • Rule-based resource assignment calculation (direct, inheritance, business rules, etc…)
  • SoD entitlements conflict resolving
  • Survey-based Audit & Compliance reporting

  • Data synchronization using FIM Sync Engine
  • Accounts/entitlements synchronization & provisioning on target systems
  • Automated de-provisioning of revoked Accounts/entitlements

  • Data warehousing and Reporting
  • Data Quality monitoring (prevention of conflicts, duplicate records, orphan accounts, etc…)
  • Develop extensions and modules for Omada Identity Suite standard products (The IAM solution and the Data Warehouse).
  • Develop complementary custom SSIS packages for the DWH.
  • Used C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server intensively
  • Was part of a 20+ persons team
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
C++ Developer
Joined Linedata for a short period as part of the C++ team working on the development of the LongView software.

Based in Tunis, Tunisia.
2008 - 2011
Freelance Developer
I worked as a part-time freelance developer, focused mainly on Web and Software development. Projects varied from simple websites to large software.

Among the projects were:
  • Electronic cards commanding software
  • eCommerce websites & web carts
  • Stock management applications
  • Proof-reading and websites translations
  • Custom Blogs & Websites
Used technologies: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Joomla, WordPress

Based in Tunis, Tunisia.
2010 - 2011
Web Developer
I took a position as a Web Developer within SAHARA Group, a textile industry consultancy services company.

I was responsible for developing new modules for the website (www.egytex.com) and desktop management software, maintaining and transferring the server, and preparing educative supports on using the new solutions.
Used PHP5, MySQL, VB.Net, CentOS Linux.

Based in Cairo, Egypt


SQL Server MCP
I passed the required examinations to be qualified as a Microsoft Certified Professional in SQL Server 2012+


+ (49) 1514 0476398


Identity & Access Management/Governance
Software Development
Database Administration
Project Management
Data Warehousing
Agile & SCRUM
Cloud Computing




Video Gaming